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Comparison: jacket extension vs. babywearing jacket

Advantages & disadvantages

Team sling or carrying aid?

Babywearing during illness

How do I dress my baby when babywearing?

This post aims to provide you with detailed insights and sound advice to ensure you dress your baby in the…

Premature baby in a sling?

Can premature babies also be carried in a sling? Carrying petite children and especially premature babies in a sling is…

Hiking with a baby or toddler

Is hiking with a baby or toddler fun at all? The child can’t even walk yet. I don’t feel like…

5 good reasons to wear your baby

A lot changes with the birth of your baby and your everyday life will be very different from before. It…

Learn to walk Wear

Does carrying your baby in a sling influence the time at which they learn to walk? I don’t want to…

Strengthen basic trust

Who is actually behind cocoo-me®️?

The fear of spoiling the baby

“If you always jump straight away, she’ll never learn to calm herself down.” “If you give him your little finger…

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