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Is hiking with a baby or toddler fun at all?

The child can’t even walk yet. I don’t feel like constantly lifting the baby carriage or buggy over uneven forest paths or roots. That’s exhausting. Again and again we hear about negative experiences or even prejudices.

Hiking connects the family

A nice hike with the family is incredibly relaxing and helps to ground and reconnect all family members, especially in stressful situations. With the first child, so much changes in the life of a young family, even when hiking, different routes are chosen and, above all, much more time is planned for shorter distances. Daredevil climbing tours are of course no longer recommended with a baby and toddler. Of course, you don’t have to do without hiking on your doorstep or vacations in the mountains or other beautiful places.

With a baby in a sling, for example the elastic sling from cocoome, a hike is no obstacle, even on uneven terrain. Ergonomically correct and snuggled up close to mom or dad, they can explore the world around them, watch the leaves fall and let the first cold draughts or wafts of mist blow around their nose in autumn. Of course, fresh air and nature cinema also make you tired – your baby can close their eyes and sleep snuggled up, while you can simply carry on hiking and practice some soothing mental hygiene. You can enjoy your time together as a couple and have great conversations.

This is all the more important in dreary November or in times of social distancing. If you are unsure about how to use a baby carrier or sling or have any other uncertainties, babywearing consultants in your area or online will be happy to help. Regular breaks should also be planned for our little ones, whether for extensive romping, breastfeeding or diaper changes. This time simply has to be!

We should also keep an eye on the weather; sun protection and protection from the cold are very important. In fall and winter, it is of course important to make sure you have enough warmth. We don’t want our babies to cool down or overheat. There is suitable clothing, cold protection balm and other aids to make the weather pleasant for our children.

But how do I do that with a baby in the carrier?
Tie the baby over the thick jacket?
Buying a different babywearing jacket for every occasion?
Do I have to give up my beloved hikes in the forest until the child can hike with me? Dad also needs a babywearing jacket.

You can do it that way, but you don’t have to. ☺

It is best to carry the baby in a sling under your own jacket. You warm each other and feel your baby and its needs best. With a little practice, breastfeeding in a sling is also possible.
Everyone has their favorite jackets for all occasions. However, an extra babywearing jacket is not an option for many.
The cocoome clip-in jacket extension can be inserted into any jacket in just a few simple steps. Dad can also cuddle up with his little robber, because the clip-in also works with his jacket.

Hiking with baby and toddler

Experiencing nature is important for toddlers and babies

Our child wants to walk himself! It’s not really walking yet and wants to go up and down all the time, so you can’t go hiking.

Yes, and whether you can ☺. Experiencing nature is so important for toddlers and babies. As a nature educator, I always advocate spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors, away from playgrounds and the like. Forests, meadows and fields offer a wide range of developmental experiences and opportunities for toddlers and babies. The little ones want to move and run around more and more, explore nature and go on a journey of discovery and research. Our walks became shorter and more time-consuming when we were toddlers. When her legs got tired, she reliably went into the sling or carrier to take a break snuggled up under her jacket.

After the break, the little explorers wanted to explore the forest for themselves again. This time is perfect for a picnic or for concentrating on the little things in nature. Honestly … how often do we observe a forest ant trail or the water strider on the small forest pond in everyday life? It is also wonderful to watch the leaves fall and have a little leaf fight. The forest with its natural conditions and hiking offers countless opportunities for babies and toddlers to develop in all areas and at the same time explore their own senses.

What do you need for a hike with a baby or toddler?

Not much really ☺
a good baby carrier, e.g. the elastic sling from cocoome
in cooler weather, you can also find a babywearing cover or jacket extension at cocoome
Hiking rucksack with food, drink, a change of clothes, cold protection for toddler and baby and whatever else you need as a family (don’t forget to take a bag with you to carry your garbage).

So get out into nature with you. Enjoy priceless family time and great nature experiences with toddler and/or baby. Please observe yourselves and your children carefully and plan your routes accordingly. What do you and your children need to feel comfortable so that it’s a relaxed hike for the whole family? There are also beautiful hiking routes and circular trails in many areas that are especially recommended for families. Whether it’s special routes or simply getting out into nature, it’s worthwhile for all members of the family.
Try it out right away!

Written by Laura Eisbein, nature educator and babywearing consultant at Tragewichtel.

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