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cocoo-me® Sling

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THE elastic baby sling!

cocoo-me® Sling is an elastic sling in premium quality, developed for babies from birth. It is cuddly soft, very easy to tie and fits like a second skin. If you want to do it quickly, it can also be pre-tied without a baby. cocoo-me® Sling is therefore ideal for parents who are looking for a simple and perfect
wish for a solution!

Easy to use – child’s play to tie
Optimum fit – fits like a second skin
Excellent materials – organic cotton (kbA), GOTS-certified
High quality – handmade in Europe
Competently tested – recommended by babywearing schools and midwives

Kinderleicht zu binden: cocoo•me® Sling kannst du auch ohne Baby vorbinden wenn es schnell gehen soll. Dein Neugeborenes oder ungeduldiges Baby wird dies schätzen! Durch die von uns empfohlene Wickelkreuztrage (vorgebunden) sitzt jeder Handgriff schon nach wenigen Versuchen.

Optimale Passform: cocoo•me® Sling ist elastisch in Quer- und Längsrichtung und passt sich optimal an den Körper deines Babys an. Er ist aus kuschelweicher Bio-Baumwolle gestrickt und dadurch leicht zu binden.

Ab Geburt und getestet bis 15kg: Bei der Entwicklung von cocoo•me® Sling haben wir besonders Wert darauf gelegt, dass wir dir eine lange Verwendungsdauer garantieren können. Selbst ein schweres Baby fühlt sich in diesem elastischen Tragetuch überraschend leicht an!

Nackenrolle & Knopfgummi inklusive: das perfekte Tragetuch-Accessoire für sicheres Babytragen

Weight 0,7 kg

levi (olive green), soley (mustard yellow), finn (petrol), TILO (petrol green), jule (berry), tamme (anthracite), mino (gray-white), rosalie (rosé), azuro (aqua), beige, diara (gray-white), lovis (pink-blue), mika (gray-white), elia (black-grey), jona (blue), JUNA (sage), UNI rose', UNI aqua, UNI olive, UNI ivory, LEO (beige), LEO (gray), LOTUS olive, LOTUS mustard, LOTUS blue, LOTUS berry, LOTUS rose, LOTUS brown


95% organic cotton (organic), 5% elastane, GOTS-certified, knitted, 290g/m2, bolster filling: 100% wool


approx. 5m x approx. 0.5m





Binding instructions:

Wrap-around cross stretcher (pre-tied), included in the scope of delivery Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung

High quality
Organic cotton (GOTS) Jackenerweiterung

to bind Jackenerweiterung

for baby skin


cocoo-me® slings are “Made in Europe”. We regularly commission social institutions to manufacture our products. We support women returning to working life. Jackenerweiterung


cocoo-me® Sling was developed and tested in close cooperation with babywearing consultants. Specialists, midwives and babywearing schools recommend cocoo-me® Sling,
THE elastic baby sling Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung
Michaela Schelldorf Trageberater
Michaela Schelldorf
Head of the Babywearing Consultant Academy

Not too thin – not too thick
Not too elastic – not too tight


Feedback Opinion - Best jacket extensions and slings from

Nadine P - 2fache Mama
2-fold mom

Thanks again for the mega sling. It even holds 15kg without any problems and my big boy loves it!

The color is simply a dream!


Feedback Opinion - Best jacket extensions and slings from

Julia Gradinger - Trageberaterin Tragetuch
Julia Gradinger
Babywearing consultant (abdominal strength)

Tied an elastic sling for the first time in 6.5 years. This can be used with the

do not compare conventional ones! Directly in love.

Feedback Opinion - Best jacket extensions and slings from

Anne Kohl Physiotherapheutin
Anne Kohl

From a physiotherapeutic point of view, the cocoome sling is particularly suitable for children with
Sensory disorders are pleasant because they don’t feel so constricted

Feedback Opinion - Best jacket extensions and slings from

cocoome referenz feedback
Johanna Eitzenberger

I wanted to let you know that not only do I LOVE this sling, but my little girl is also FULLY enthusiastic about it (and that’s not a matter of course with her). I already have a lot of scarves from different manufacturers at home, but none of them are both extremely elastic and really stable – and so timelessly pretty. I can only repeat myself: we love, love, love it. And the length is just perfect – finally, no cloth that I feel like I could wrap around baby and myself five times and still have to worry about wiping the floor with it.



Feedback Opinion - Best jacket extensions and slings from


Babywearing calms your baby and satisfies the basic need for closeness, security and love. Jackenerweiterung

– from Unknown – Jackenerweiterung

Buy baby sling & baby wrap online

The sling for newborns and babies – in many colors in best quality

Our elastic baby slings with the perfect size for many clothing sizes. Our selection of colors inspires our customers and the babies feel safe and secure. The cocoo-me® Sling is one of the best and most natural ways to carry your baby or newborn.

The perfect baby sling from cocoo-me®

We attach great importance to details in the production of our baby slings. The material is made from 95% organic cotton (kbA) and is even GOTS-certified. Thanks to the elasticity, you can wear your baby not only fashionably but also safely. You have many options for wrapping and combining it. The slings have a net weight of 680g and are 5 x 0.5m in size. The cocoome Sling baby sling has been tested by midwives and babywearing consultants and meets the most modern requirements of parents. With the fabric baby sling, you have discovered one of the most natural ways to carry a baby. Being close to the body satisfies your baby’s need for physical contact. You can observe how it becomes more content and also cries less. Your baby can take part in lots of family activities and you have your hands free. You are more flexible than with a baby carriage and simply much more mobile. Simple binding instructions are included.

The advantages of a baby sling from cocoo-me® – the best baby sling

  • Physical contact between the baby and parents is satisfied
  • More mobility instead of using a baby carriage
  • body heat regulation becomes easier for the baby
  • Strengthening the muscles of the parents

Your babywearing consultant can provide you with lots more information on the advantages and disadvantages of baby slings. Here we have found a good article for you on Wikipedia(to the article on Wikipedia).

Baby sling for premature babies

Our premature babies have special needs and we have incorporated these into our specially developed premature baby sling. Click here for the COCOO-ME® SLING PREEMIE baby sling

Baby sling for your newborn

Our youngest children and newborns in particular love being close to their parents. Being carried by mom and dad calms them and gives them a sense of security. The design and material of our slings is perfect for carrying your newborn baby. The size of the sling allows you to take important ergonomic aspects into account. Please always consult your midwife or babywearing consultant. Very young children in particular should be supported in their physical development. The elastic baby sling is recommended by many midwives and babywearing consultants, especially in the first few weeks of life.

Baby sling – carrying as a workout? Of course!

If you start babywearing soon after the birth, you will start with a light, small baby. Listen to your body – if you can’t go on and need to sit down, then by all means do so! You can slowly increase the wearing time. As your baby grows and gets heavier, you can slowly train your muscles. So babywearing can help you get fit again! The most important thing is to wear them correctly so that you are not in pain. Wide fanned-out fabric panels over the back ensure optimum weight distribution. Make sure that your baby is carried high enough so that it is comfortable (head-kiss height). If you fan out the fabric panels of the sling over the shoulders, this also makes it more comfortable to wear!

How do I dress my baby properly in spring?

Basically, your baby sling replaces a layer of clothing. For us, this means that if your child is wearing a long-sleeved shirt indoors, you can take it off when carrying them. We replace this layer of clothing with the warmth of your body and the protective sling. Wool or wool-silk clothing regulates the temperature and prevents your baby from sweating. A change of clothes on hikes is also a good idea! Most important are the legs – these are outside the sling and therefore need to be protected. Leg warmers are best suited for this. They keep the legs warm and can also be pulled over the feet of small babies. For head protection, we recommend a thin hood or the clip-in hood for the jacket extension.

How can I tell if my baby is too warm or too hot?

The basic rule is: always check the temperature of your baby’s neck – if it is neither sweaty nor cold there, your baby is perfectly dressed.

Is a baby sling too warm for my baby in summer?

Please consult your babywearing consultant. Of course, you should always make sure that your baby does not overheat in summer. Sweating and wet clothing could also cause a cold if you are not careful. However, sweat also regulates the newborn’s body temperature through proximity and even cools the body. However, if you need a break or take your baby out, make sure you have spare clothes with you. Preparation is everything. Always take a scarf or sun hat with you in summer to protect you from strong sunlight.

Tip: The cocoo-me® sling can also be tied in two layers and is therefore slightly cooler.

What should you look out for when choosing a baby sling?

We always recommend that you speak to your midwife or babywearing consultant. There are so many different variants and brands. It’s easy to lose sight of the essentials. We pay attention to the fabric composition, the size of the sling and pleasant colors. In addition, we produce in Europe and therefore have much better control over individual production steps (our material is GOTS-certified). The carrying comfort then results from the many possibilities that our baby sling offers. On the one hand due to its size (5m x 0.5m) and on the other hand due to its perfect elasticity. Our baby sling is definitely skin-friendly and perfect for the little ones.

Did you know that you can also carry your baby after a caesarean section?

The elastic sling is particularly suitable for this, as it is soft and snug, does not constrict and there is no annoying belly strap that comes into contact with the painful scar. Carrying is a great way to catch up on bonding, especially after a turbulent C-section where mom and baby didn’t have time to bond immediately afterwards.

What is important if you want to carry your baby after a caesarean section?

  • Only start when you feel fit enough! In the meantime, cuddling up skin to skin and spending lots of time together in bed helps.
  • Start with short wearing intervals. Don’t overload your body and stop carrying when your body signals that it needs a break.
  • Remember: carrying in a sling is better than on your arm. It is gentler on your overall posture and also your pelvic floor. Carrying your baby in a sling also relieves pressure. So before you carry your baby in your arms, tie it into the sling!

Are you carrying your baby at the right height?

Have you ever wondered whether you are carrying your baby at the right height? How is it actually most comfortable to wear? ❤️
That’s what we want to tell you today and we’ll ask you right away: Have you ever heard of the head-kissing height? 🥰
This term is used as a “guide” to give young parents the opportunity to check for themselves whether they have secured their baby at the correct height. If you tie it too low, you have the feeling that the baby is about to plop out of the sling – if you tie it too high, you have the baby’s head right in your neck.
Your baby is at the right height when you can easily give him a kiss on his head when you bend your head down. 💋
This is why it is also important that you pre-tie the sling correctly – because if it is at the “right” height from the start, it is more likely that your baby will ultimately sit at the right height in the sling. Do you have any questions about how to tie your baby in correctly or are you still not sure whether your baby will sit well in the sling? To the babywearing consultant in your area.

Can I use the sling as a sleeping aid for babies?

Carrying can be used as a great sleep aid! Why? Because newborns in particular feel super comfortable in a sling.

On the go, on outings or family gatherings, at parties, when you go out in the evening – your baby can simply be with you and sleep peacefully in the sling. This also gives you as parents a certain amount of freedom without overstimulating your baby.

Even in the evening, when many impressions from the day are being processed, babywearing can help your baby to fall asleep safely and soundly. And even if the fear of spoiling is great: don’t worry! Sleeping habits can be lovingly changed at any time. Do what makes you feel good and how your baby can best fall asleep!

Falling asleep in a sling can make everyday life easier for many parents. But not only that: because your baby falls asleep in a safe and secure place. We know from research that your baby can only fall asleep when someone is with them and they know that someone is always there if they need something. Many babies therefore sleep restlessly for the first year of their lives if there is no caregiver nearby. This is absolutely normal and has nothing to do with “education” or “the necessary strictness”.


With our baby sling (cocoo-me Sling) it is even possible to carry twins! You can find Anja Liersch’s instructions on our Insta account here:

Carrying helps your baby with tummy ache

The prerequisite for this is the squat-spread posture. This means that your knees are level with your bottom. You can achieve this by making sure that the lengths of scarf reach the back of the knees and that the scarf is properly tightened and well tied. Thanks to this position, air can escape better and bowel movements can also make their way out much more easily! Carrying also gives your baby a feeling of security and safety if they feel unwell – this also helps your baby to feel fit and well again more quickly ❤

How long can I wear my baby with the sling?

The sling is not only particularly soft, cuddly, easy to tie and a real eye-catcher – you can also use it for a really long time! Tested up to 15 kg, it even holds your toddler really well and provides you with pleasant carrying moments! ❤ At, we make sure that you can use all products for a long time. That’s why our jacket extension for babywearing is practical even during pregnancy. Thanks to the two different thickness inserts, you’ll have the right jacket for any weather!

How to wash the cocoo-me® Sling correctly

The cocoo-me® sling is made from 95% organic cotton (kBa) and 5% elastane (GOTS-certified). That’s why you should only wash it at 30°C and at a low spin speed. This protects the fibers and ensures that you can enjoy your scarf for a long time! It is best to lay the cloth over a clothes horse to dry – it is not suitable for the tumble dryer. It is best to use an ecological, liquid detergent without fragrances, perfumes, etc. This is particularly gentle on the cloth and is also the best choice for your baby. Do you have the feeling that the scarf can no longer be tied or tightened well? Put it in the washing machine once! Then you can easily tie it again.

🧺 Our bolster is filled with wool. Therefore, do not wash in the machine under any circumstances.
🧺 Make sure that your detergent does not contain bleach. We also recommend a detergent without enzymes. Do not use fabric softener!
🧺 Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees. If you have stubborn stains on your cloth, treat them by hand before washing.
🧺 Select a gentle wash program with a low spin speed.
🧺 Your baby sling must never be put in the dryer. Leave it to dry flat on a clothes horse.
🧺 No ironing necessary due to the elastic material.

TIP for tying the cocoo-me® Sling

Remember to let the shoulder strands run nice and wide over the shoulder. This distributes your baby’s weight wonderfully. The strands of cloth should also be fanned out nicely over the back. Because this is how you really achieve an optimum result!

Another little trick: if you have tied the sling at the back with a double knot, you can bring the sling strands forward again along your pelvis and tie them at the front with a single knot. This also reduces the weight and makes it more comfortable to wear!

How tightly should the cocoo-me® Sling be tied?

When pre-tying the elastic sling, you should make sure that it fits snugly around your body. The elastic material will give a little when you put your baby in it. It is important that your baby is close enough to your body – when you lean forward, your baby should stay close to your body. If it is tied too tightly, you can follow the sling lines and loosen it a little when your baby is already tied in. Parents often need 2 to 3 attempts to tie the sling “correctly” – practice makes perfect. 🥰

How much does a baby sling cost? How much does a baby sling cost?

There is of course a lot on offer in this area. We at cocoo-me® have put a lot of thought into the most beautiful, comfortable and practical slings and therefore only produce the best quality for you. For us, this is not just a slogan for advertising purposes – we produce in Europe. The fabric is GOTS-certified and made from organic cotton (kbA). Our sling slings cost 99 euros incl. Tax – plus shipping costs. Only the best for our little ones!

Free airways when babywearing with a baby sling

You often see parents pulling the sling or headrest completely over the baby’s head. However, this can be very dangerous! Remember that only the back of the child’s head should ever be supported. The nose and mouth remain free. The supply of fresh oxygen ensures that your baby does not rebreathe CO2 – this can be very dangerous. The baby becomes very sleepy and tired. It can even lead to death. Unfortunately, a baby will not respond if it is not getting enough oxygen – this is a misconception! Therefore: only ever support the back of the head, the nose and mouth must be visible. For free airways with our sling in combination with the button elastic, there is a great video on our Instagram account:
here to the video
. This also makes babywearing with a baby sling safer for your baby.

Babywearing with a baby sling during pregnancy

Are you pregnant again and still have a toddler at home who still likes to be carried? Don’t worry – in a healthy pregnancy there is nothing to stop you from carrying your child. Especially with back ties, carrying is also easier on your body. With the sling, you also have no annoying waist belt that can press on your baby’s tummy. The Double Hammock is ideal for carrying your toddler during pregnancy. It takes the pressure off your arms, you have no pressure on your baby’s tummy and your child gets the closeness it needs. Pay attention to your body and its signals! If you have the feeling that carrying is not good for you and you are also very exhausted and feel pressure on your baby bump, you should not carry your baby. Then take a break and sit down – cuddle with your child and give the gift of closeness

Carrying in the puerperium

Are you wondering whether you can carry your baby in the postpartum period? We want to give you a few pointers to help you carry your baby to term.

– Even if you feel fit – the postpartum period is absolutely important for your body. This allows the uterus to regress without complications and breastfeeding works better.

– If you have painful scars, you should not wear them and follow the doctor’s advice. Bed rest!

– If you already have siblings, ask for your partner’s support. If this is not available, there are also family helpers who can support you at home!

– When you carry your baby for the first time, you should not be alone. Be sure to listen to your body and take your baby out of the sling as soon as you notice that babywearing is no longer working.

Remember: carrying your baby close to your body is always better for your musculoskeletal system than carrying it in your arms.

Carrying twins in a sling – is that even possible?

Carrying twins is a completely different challenge – after all, carrying both babies at the same time should also be comfortable! Luckily, there are some great tying methods with the Sling to make it work. ❤ The simplest is the pre-tied wrap cross stretcher. Each baby is placed in a sheet – these are fanned out nicely over the babies. This is followed by the transverse track over both children. This option can be super practical, especially at the beginning! 🥰 As the babies get bigger, you can carry one on your back and one in front of your tummy – we recommend carrying the twin, which is a little more chilled (😅) on the back, as they usually have to wait longer to get out. The sling and baby carrier can also be combined – there are also baby carriers that are specially designed for carrying twins. The advantage of having two different carrying systems is that both parents can also carry the twins separately!
Please also talk to your midwife or babywearing consultant about the options you have for carrying your baby.

Would you like to continue wearing your jackets before your pregnancy or birth? Then we have the perfect jacket insert for you just a CLICK away.

The pre-tied wrap-around cross stretcher

The pre-tied wrap cross carrier with the elastic sling allows you to enjoy a stress-free outing with your baby. Pre-tied at home, you can easily take your baby out of the carrycot and put them in the sling when you’re out and about – for example when shopping. This method of tying also makes life easier at home – you can take your baby out of the sling for breastfeeding, changing or other purposes. Then simply integrate it again and you’re ready to go! Click here for our Instagram post with video instructions. Jackenerweiterung