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cocoome grows trees – for a sustainable future

cocoome lässt Bäume wachsen

cocoo-me® supports the “ReviewForest” project

In a world plagued by environmental problems, more and more companies, including us, are actively committed to protecting nature and are looking for ways to do their bit. As a leading company in the field of baby equipment, we at cocoo-me® have decided to pursue an innovative approach with the idea “cocoome makes trees grow”.

“For every Google review we receive from our valued customers, we plant a tree in the Yucatan rainforest,” says our cocoo-me® founder Julia Pötsch.

This initiative, known as the ReviewForest project, is a collaboration with @plantfortheplanet_official and guarantees that every tree will be planted. We are proud to play our part in protecting nature and hope that this campaign will inspire other companies to take similar environmentally friendly measures. Together we can make a positive difference for our environment and future generations.

cocoome lässt Bäume wachsen – Jede Google-Bewertung zählt!

For every Google review, we plant a tree in the Yucatan rainforest – together with our customers! We at cocoo-me® are aware of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. For this reason, we have decided to support the “ReviewForest” project. In partnership with @plantfortheplanet_official (Plant-for-the-Planet), this campaign ensures that every tree is planted and thus enriches the rainforest on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

The trees – more than 20 different native tree species – are planted by small farmers in Yucatan, Campeche. Our involvement in “cocoome lets trees grow” not only protects the environment, but also strengthens the local community. The smallholders receive a sustainable source of income and are active partners in this project. By working with them, we at cocoo-me® support the development of the region and contribute to improving living conditions.

Part of the amount goes to the Plant-for-the-Planet children’s academy to promote education and awareness of environmental issues among children. At cocoo-me®, the future of our children is very important to us, which is why we have decided to participate in this project. With this campaign, we are making a direct contribution to reducing CO₂ emissions and combating climate change.

Planting trees actively supports the preservation of the rainforest – which is invaluable as the “green lung of our planet”. Trees absorb CO₂, produce clean air and provide a habitat for numerous animal and plant species.

The rainforest therefore plays a key role in ensuring air quality and regulating the climate. The trees act as natural filters and absorb large amounts of CO₂ from the atmosphere, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect and climate change.

cocoome lässt Bäume wachsen – weil uns die Umwelt am Jackenerweiterung liegt

In addition, the green lungs of our planet play an important role in preserving biodiversity. It is home to countless animal and plant species, many of which only occur here. Valuable ecosystems and genetic resources are being lost through the destruction of the rainforest. As a company with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental protection, we at cocoo-me® see it as our responsibility to do our bit to protect and preserve this unique biodiversity.

The environment, sustainability and responsibility for future generations are fundamental values for us. By giving our customers the opportunity to indirectly plant a tree in the Yucatan rainforest through a Google review, they are making a valuable contribution to protecting our natural resources. At the same time, their honest reviews help other moms (and dads, of course) with their purchasing decisions.

cocoome lässt Bäume wachsen – für eine nachhaltigere Zukunft

However, our commitment goes beyond the rainforest. When developing our products, we attach great importance to materials that are low in pollutants, close to nature and resource-saving production processes. We are continuously committed to implementing environmentally friendly practices in all areas of our business. We are constantly working to minimize our ecological footprint and find sustainable alternatives. By purchasing a product from cocoo-me®, our customers are making a lively contribution to supporting these efforts and paving the way to a more sustainable future with our idea “cocoome makes trees grow”.

Our decision to support the “ReviewForest” project through the “cocoome lets trees grow” concept reflects our deep conviction that together we can create an environmentally friendly future. We want our children to grow up in a world in which natural resources are protected and they can enjoy an intact environment. Let’s work together to ensure that the rainforest is preserved for future generations.

cocoome lässt Bäume wachsen – werden auch Sie ein Teil davon

A polite appeal to our customers:
We invite all our customers to share their experiences with our products and thus indirectly plant a tree in the Yucatan rainforest. Together we can create a more sustainable future in which our children can benefit from the riches of nature. Be part of the change and help us to make the Yucatan rainforest in Mexico thrive with the great campaign “cocoome lets trees grow”!

About ReviewForest:
ReviewForest firmly believes that companies can achieve their economic goals while actively helping to protect the environment and maintain vital regeneration processes to counteract the damaging effects of climate change. This is precisely why the founders created “ReviewForest”, an innovative solution that enables companies to support the environment while effectively pursuing their economic interests.

By working with partners, the initiative supports tree planting projects that create new, resilient and intact ecosystems. These measures have a direct impact on the fight against climate change and help to mitigate the negative consequences of natural disasters. Every healthy tree helps to better prepare the soil for excess water and prevents erosion and the destruction of habitats for plants and animals. These projects also create valuable jobs in the areas of cultivation, planting, care and research.

Author of “cocoome makes trees grow”: Elke Grössler, blogger for cocoo-me® 😉

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