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Is your baby sick, teething or simply in pain and doesn’t want to leave you?

Babywearing can help you here. Jackenerweiterung

Babywearing with a sling for babies or little ones

Especially when the little ones are not feeling well, they want to be very close to mom and dad. To give your baby as much closeness, security and safety as possible, you can simply wear your baby!

This will also make everyday life easier for you when your baby increasingly demands to be close to you 🥰

Studies have also shown that babies who are carried often have a quicker drop in temperature and their body temperature is better regulated.

Of course, it would be best if you wear or cuddle your baby skin to skin – because that way you can keep your baby cool ❤

If your baby cries a lot and for reasons that are not obvious, you should have this checked out medically. Because: not everything is always a stomach ache, a tooth or even a flare-up.

What’s it like for you? Do you carry your baby more and more often when they are sick?


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