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cocoo-me® Sling Preemie

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THE sling for premature babies!

The elastic sling from cocoo-me® is ideal for your premature baby. That is why we have developed the cocoo-me® Sling Preemie especially for premature babies. The sling is soft and cuddly and hugs you and your baby’s body perfectly. The high-quality organic cotton is GOTS-certified and therefore absolutely safe for your premature baby’s delicate skin.

Easy to use – Easy to tie, specially recommended tying method for premature babies

Optimum fit – Fits like a second skin

Excellent materials – Organic cotton (kbA), GOTS-certified

High quality – handmade in Europe

Competently tested – Recommended by babywearing schools and midwives

Speziell für Frühgeborene entwickelt: Die Tuchbreite ist speziell auf Frühgeborene abgestimmt. Die im Lieferumfang enthaltene Nackenrolle stützt das Köpfchen deines Babys und sorgt für Sicherheit beim Tragen. Darüber hinaus wird cocoo•me® Sling Preemie zum treuen Begleiter in den ersten Lebensmonaten deines Babys.

Kinderleicht zu binden: cocoo•me® Sling Preemie kannst du auch ohne Baby vorbinden. Dein Frühgeborenes Baby wird dies schätzen! Eine speziell für Frühgeborene entwickelte Bindeweise findest du hier. Denn bei Frühgeborenen ist es absolut wichtig die Beine nicht zu überspreizen. 

Optimale Passform: cocoo•me® Sling ist elastisch in Quer- und Längsrichtung und passt sich optimal an den Körper deines Frühchens an. Er ist aus kuschelweicher Bio-Baumwolle gestrickt und dadurch leicht zu binden.

Nackenrolle & Knopfgummi inklusive: das perfekte Tragetuch-Accessoire für sicheres Babytragen

Weight 0,7 kg

alex (red), UNI rose', UNI aqua, UNI ivory, Khaki


95% organic cotton (organic), 5% elastane, GOTS-certified, knitted, 290g/m2, bolster filling: 100% wool


washable up to 30°C


approx. 5m x approx. 0.35m Jackenerweiterung

High quality
Organic cotton (GOTS) Jackenerweiterung

to bind Jackenerweiterung

for baby skin


cocoo-me® Sling was developed and tested in close cooperation with babywearing consultants. Specialists, midwives and babywearing schools recommend cocoo-me® Sling,
THE elastic baby sling Jackenerweiterung Jackenerweiterung


cocoo-me® slings are “Made in Europe”. We regularly commission social institutions to manufacture our products. We support women returning to working life.

How do you carry newborns or premature babies in a sling?

Carrying premature babies can have a positive effect on their development in many ways. ❤️ We know that premature babies with a lot of physical contact have better vital signs and fewer breathing interruptions. Correct carrying also supports optimal hip maturation. However, it should be noted that not all binding methods are suitable for premature babies. Carrying the baby can also prevent a flat back of the head – because lying in the incubator a lot can encourage this and lead to serious damage. If you offer your baby lots of skin contact, lots of carrying and cuddling, you have the opportunity to give your baby an easier start in life ❤️

Some hospitals already have specialist staff who are trained in carrying premature babies – so it’s worth asking. If this is not the case, some babywearing consultants also have special training on this topic.

The advantages of carrying premature babies

Carried premature babies have fewer breathing interruptions and the skin contact has a stabilizing effect on the baby

– Your baby remembers the feeling it knows from the womb when it is carried
– Bonding can be made up for, parents gain confidence in dealing with the baby
– Premature babies who are carried feed better and are much calmer
– The parent-child relationship is strengthened

Cuddly soft and secure – that’s babywearing!

This allows you to continue to give your newborn baby the warmth, closeness and boundaries it already knows from the womb. ❤ This helps many babies to settle in better and process the new impressions and the birth. Especially in the beginning, babies are often very restless, cry a lot and are difficult to soothe. Babywearing can help to give the child the necessary closeness.

Binding method for premature babies

The binding method we recommend for premature babies ensures that the legs are not overstretched. This video was created in close collaboration with Julia Lübke ( If you need help, contact a babywearing consultant with appropriate training for premature babies!

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Julia Pötsch
Founder cocoome

As a premature mother myself, I am particularly keen to help parents of premature babies. The wonderful moments of carrying your baby during this difficult time make you forget everything else for a moment.

My tip: Cuddle up skin to skin in a sling – indescribable!


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Baby carriers offer many advantages – one of which is definitely this one!

Many parents like to use the baby carrier as a sleeping aid – it provides security, safety and cozy warmth. ❤ Your baby can hear your heartbeat and feels completely safe. The best conditions for it to find sleep! And don’t worry – you won’t spoil your baby with it and your baby will still sleep in the crib at some point.