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Have you ever heard of basic trust? Jackenerweiterung

“Basic trust is the state in which babies are born with no other option than to trust unconditionally that someone will take care of them.” – Source:

Why is physical contact so important for babies?

In other words – all our babies are born with a basic trust, they need to trust that they have someone who cares for them and looks after them. Sometimes unforeseen events can lead to anxiety in the baby at an early age.

Premature babies, caesarean section babies and adopted babies will also build up basic trust – physical contact, speech, love and affection are important. ❤️

Most parents instinctively do everything “right”: they comfort their crying baby, feed it, provide it with fresh diapers and give it the love, warmth and security it needs. 😍

How can basic trust be disturbed?

By deliberately leaving the child to cry alone (e.g. at night as “sleep training”), ignoring the child’s needs, abuse and neglect of the child.

The aim here is to strengthen basic trust again, to show the child that it is heard, seen and loved through positive experiences, affection and physical contact. Once the child has a good and stable foundation, this cannot be shaken so easily. Nevertheless, you can strengthen and support basic trust with small rituals such as baby massage, carrying and responding immediately when your baby cries for you ❤️


  • Babywearing consultant
  • Certified FamilySteps® course instructor
  • Specialist for formula-fed infants
  • Breastfeeding companion
  • Specialist for baby-accompanied complementary feeding


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