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This post aims to provide you with detailed insights and sound advice to ensure you dress your baby in the best possible way when babywearing with a sling in any season. We want to provide you not only with practical tips, but also with more in-depth explanations and a holistic approach. We understand that choosing the right clothing can have a significant impact on your baby’s wellbeing and the overall wearing experience.

First of all, here’s a little check-up in which we explain the basics of “How do I dress my baby when babywearing?”:


  • This replaces a layer of clothing! This means: take off the shirt when wearing and only wear the bodysuit. A blanket or similar is often used for newborn babies, especially at the beginning, as they cool down very quickly. It is therefore advisable not to put on a shift at the beginning. With the next tip, you can check whether the temperature suits your baby or whether it is too warm.


  • To determine whether your baby is cold or perhaps even sweating, it is advisable to check the back of the neck. If you notice that your baby’s neck is cool, it would be advisable to put on an extra layer of clothing. On the other hand, if your baby is sweating or the neck is very warm, it would be better to remove a layer of clothing. It’s important to look out for these signs to make sure your baby is always properly dressed and comfortable.


  • Particular attention should be paid to keeping the feet warm, and this can be achieved by wearing cuffs, for example. Your baby’s little feet are particularly sensitive to the cold, so it is important to make sure that they are always kept warm enough. Cuffs not only provide additional thermal protection, but also give an extra layer that protects against low temperatures and provides cozy comfort for your baby’s little feet. This will help to ensure that your baby feels completely comfortable and protected during the outing.


  • Another important aspect of the topic “How do I dress my baby when babywearing?” is choosing the right clothes. Baby clothes made of wool or wool/silk are particularly beneficial, as these materials enable effective temperature regulation. The natural properties of wool ensure that the heat exchange between you and your baby is optimal. These garments create a cozy environment while providing a breathable layer that ensures a comfortable temperature during your shared wearing experience. Therefore, opting for wool or wool/silk is not only a stylish choice, but also a functional one to ensure that your baby is completely comfortable.

How do I dress my baby when babywearing?

Now we come to wearing them in the different seasons – because there are a few things you should bear in mind. We have also summarized a few helpful tips for you in this interesting blog post “How do I dress my baby when babywearing?”!

How do I dress my baby when babywearing? – In spring/autumn:

If you wear your baby under a jacket extension in spring or fall, it is sufficient to observe the points mentioned above. Dress baby “normally”, larger babies usually wear one less layer of clothing. Use cuffs to keep your feet and thighs warm.

Our jacket extensions come with an unlined insert – so you can wear your baby close to you on cooler days without having to use a fleece or wool suit.

We recommend a cap with ties so that nothing can slip. Especially if you are carrying your baby with a baby carrier on your back, it can otherwise be difficult to adjust the hood.

How do I dress my baby when babywearing? -in summer:

With the high temperatures in summer, it can be more difficult to find the perfect clothes for babywearing.

First of all, you should know that you are cooling your baby when you sweat. You can place a spit-up cloth between you and your baby’s head so that it is not quite so uncomfortable for you – make sure that the airways are clear and the spit-up cloth does not obstruct them.

A hat is also absolutely essential – preferably with a large brim that also covers the back of the neck and ears. A tie ribbon is also an advantage here – so that nothing can slip.

If possible, stay in the shade with your baby. The sun is at its strongest at midday from 11:00 to 15:00.

Long-sleeved garments made of wool or wool-silk are ideal for summer. Not only does it regulate the temperature, it also protects baby’s sensitive skin. This is because arms and legs are usually unprotected when worn. Wool is also antibacterial and therefore does not need to be washed as often.

You should protect areas that cannot be covered with long-sleeved clothing with (mineral) sun cream.

You and your baby should drink enough! Breast milk/pre-formula is sufficient for babies who are fully breastfed or receive pre-formula. Water or tea are not necessary and can damage the baby’s kidneys (water intoxication).

How do I dress my baby when babywearing? – in winter:

It is best to dress your baby “normally” under the jacket extension – long-sleeved bodysuit, long-sleeved shirt, trousers and cuffs. Depending on the temperature outside, you can also use a fleece or wool suit for your baby. The little feet should be protected with boots, lambskin is best.

Use a warm hood – preferably a slip-on hood, so that the neck and ears are also warm and protected. You can apply cream to your face to protect it from the icy wind.
Your baby will be optimally warmed by you under a jacket extension. No additional clothing is normally required. We do not recommend wearing it outside the jacket – your
Baby cannot be warmed by your body and therefore cools down more quickly.

You should avoid padded snowsuits – these are warmer due to the air chambers in the fleece layers. In the carrier or sling, however, these are pressed together, so that
they no longer keep your baby warm and it can get cold.

A jacket extension is particularly ideal in winter – it is cheaper than a babywearing jacket and can be used by both mom and dad. It also fits on any jacket and no zippers have to match. 😉

And now: off with the baby in the sling and out to discover the world!

The article “How do I dress my baby when babywearing?” is written by Tatjana Kirchweger from LIEBEVOLLGEBUNDEN

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