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behind the scenes cocoome Julia Pötsch

Who is actually behind cocoo-me®️?

My name is Julia Pötsch.
I am a mom of 2 and the founder of cocoo-me
My children are now 10 and 7 years old. This picture was taken during a shoot for which I was allowed to borrow this sweet baby from a dear friend. Oh, I tell you – it brought up feelings…! 💗

Almost 11 years ago, a few weeks after the birth of my daughter, I was on the verge of despair. I was told I had a “cry baby”. A tip from an acquaintance brought me to the wearer. At that time, there was still very little choice and I received a lot of skeptical looks and critical comments. But it was perfect for us! I was able to meet my baby’s needs and mine at the same time. It was such a wonderful cuddly time, and my heart still overflows when I think about it today. Fortunately, babywearing has now become commonplace.

2 pregnancies, 2 winter babies, 2 babies…
Once again I had the problem with wearing them in winter. My son was a premature baby, so I was particularly worried about this.

The story of cocoome took its course. Jackenerweiterung

…Once again I had the problem with wearing them in winter.
My son was a premature baby, so I was particularly worried about my baby not cooling down when I was carrying him….

Julia Pötsch (Founder)

I thought the best thing would be to keep my baby warm in winter – under my jacket, of course. In the beginning it was still possible because he was a premature baby. But then my jacket got tighter and tighter. Something was missing to cover my baby’s back. A connecting piece for my jacket, so to speak. The only question was how I could attach this “connecting piece” to my jacket. I bought suspenders clips and sewed a “connecting piece” for my jacket.
I was so happy – because now I could be active outdoors with my daughter again without a care in the world while my “little one” was safe and protected from the cold 🥰

My friends and many other moms were enthusiastic about this practical solution and wanted it too. This is how the idea became a product.

A lot of time and intensive test work went into the countless prototypes. Many moms supported me and gave me feedback, input and tips. A big thank you at this point! 💕

As I know from my own experience how much space and money is needed for a baby’s first equipment, it is important to me to develop products that parents can use in different functions over a longer period of time.

Because happy parents and happy babies are my top priority!

With this in mind, have fun wearing it!

All the best 💗 Julia

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