Julia Poetsch, founder of cocoome

As a new mom of two, I’ve often been faced with the question: How can I keep my baby warm and still be active?
Long on the search for an optimal solution it occurred to me while sledging that it would be practical to wrap my baby with my own jacket. To give him the necessary security, closeness and warmth. But something was missing – something that covers my babyies back – a “connecting piece” for my jacket. The story of cocoome began.
From my own experience I know how much space and money is needed when a child is born. So I developed a product that parents can use in various functions for a longer period of time.
Your well-being, a high degree of comfort and design, social working conditions and the materials used are very important for me. That is why cocoome is manufactured in Europe.
My vision of cocoome is to provide new parents with mobility and flexibility and to bring the advantages of babywearing closer to them. Happy parents and happy babies are my main goal!